Soap & Glory Heel Genius Foot Cream Review

Our feet need high maintenance as we worry about getting blisters, calluses, bunions, and cracks. Among all the issues, heel cracks are the most common issue and according to a report, almost 20% of the US residents suffer from cracked heels. Almost every person irrespective of their age is affected, children and adults, and women seem to be more affected than males.

Cracked heels are not a big issue for many people, they can go barefoot with little discomfort. On the other hand, there are quite a lot of people who suffer from severely cracked heels with deep cracks. This happens due to severely dry skin or going without treating your mildly cracked heels, this makes deep cracks known as fissures in medical terms. This is very dangerous because this is a little portal for all kinds of infections. These infections are more common in diabetics and immunocompromised people.

You may find cracks on your feet appearing two times a year. First time in summer when the weather is hot, people wear open back shoes or sandals which can increase the risk of dryness. The second time is in winter when people tend to stay at home and heaters are on which also creates dryness. The dryness occurs everywhere on our skin but our feet are under constant pressure as they have to bear the weight of our body and thus, they present differently.

This dryness can be prevented by keeping your feet moisturized and people use different products for this purpose. They might use petroleum Vaseline, different oils, or soak their feet in warm water. In this article, I will introduce you to a product that will definitely keep your feet moisturized and prevent cracks from developing.

The Soap & Glory Heel Genius Foot Cream, coming in a slim pink tube with a flip-top cap this cream can moisturize your feet properly. The cream is packed with glycerin, menthol, and fruits and delivers what it promises. The specially designed formula readily absorbs into the skin and leaves no residue on the skin and does not stain the cloths. The Soap & Glory Heel Genius Foot Cream has a silky texture and comes with a clear set of instructions.

Using this product is very simple and fun, massage the lotion onto your feet every night before sleeping. Make sure you put on cotton socks on top to maximize the results. Coming to the effects, the cream does what it promises. Your rough feet will be renovated with a single session. The AHAs will make your skin smooth. You will have a velvety smooth and soft feel after its use. The cream is dermatologically tested and is suitable for all kinds of skin. Your feet will feel refreshed.

Thousands of customers have already tried the product and they gave a very positive response after using the product for a while. Many people said that they loved the scent and other than using it on their feet they also used it on their elbows and knees which was super helpful. Customers loved the Soap & Glory Heel Genius Foot Cream and said that the cream delivered the promised results. 

The cream resulted in better skin as compared to what they were using before. Customers loved the fact that the creams quickly absorb into the skin and leave no residue and no greasy feeling, their skin is softer than ever and has a light scent. 

Following are some statements given by the customers:

“I love this foot lotion! It smells amazing. Keeps my feet feeling soft. It’s a very affordable foot lotion. I would highly recommend this lotion.”

“Not only does it smell minty and feels very hydrating but it soaks in perfectly! Your feet will thank you so much. I have rebought this foot cream time and time again. I highly recommend it!”

“I really hate my heels they are awful it’s so embarrassing but since been using this I actually don’t mind having no socks on I’m front of people haha :) very impressed not sure how long it actually lasts though as I have just been putting it on loads whilst just sat at home”

The Soap & Glory Heel Genius Foot Cream is actually amazing and stands to its name. It’s very affordable and highly recommended to people suffering from cracked heels.

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